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Bozz Software released a number of MS-DOS Shareware programs for the PC market in the mid 1990s as follows:

Bozz Software Products
Product Name Description Versions
Thumbnail Screenshot - Bozzball Bozzball Educational program aimed at 3 to 8 year olds. Aids in teaching basic knowledge such as the alphabet, colours and shapes, and basic skills such as adding, counting and spelling. MS-DOS version of Bozzball (1994)
Thumbnail Screenshot - Quote For The Day Quote for the Day Displays random quotes from the rich and famous. The mobile version offers the ability to search and SMS them to contacts within your phone. MS-DOS version of Quote for the Day (1994) / Windows version of Quote for the Day (Never Completed) / Mobile version of Quote for the Day (2009)
Thumbnail Screenshot - Sounds the Same Sounds the Same Fast and furious word game. Like being on a quick fire TV quiz show where the questions seem desperately easy, but the pressure of a time limit kills the brain. MS-DOS version of Sounds the Same (1994)
Thumbnail Screenshot - Thingies Thingies Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it... ...a thingie?? Novelty puzzle program a bit like the TV show "Catch Phrase". Look at the simple image which is not what it appears to be. Then guess what it is! MS-DOS version of Thingies (1995)
Thumbnail Screenshot - Squarez Squarez Original and innovative puzzle game. Clear all the coloured squares on the board before your time runs out and without missing any. Don't be fooled, it's not as easy as it looks. Surprisingly addictive! MS-DOS version of Squarez (1995)
Thumbnail Screenshot - A Few Choice Words A Few Choice Words Sequel to Quote for the Day. Hundreds more quotes, phrases and quips covering everything from aeroplanes to aunties, babies to bibles, cars to crime, etc.. MS-DOS version of A Few Choice Words (1996)


Plans to re-release Bozz Software's back-catalogue are constantly on the back burner, looking for those all important few months spare to get things underway.

If you would be interested in developing any of our Products under license for Bozz Software or would like to register your interest in them, please contact me with your details:

Dave Barton


Please note, all Bozz Software products past and present are protected by international copyright law. Any attempt to replicate them in whole or in part without the explicit permission of Bozz Software will be pursued through legal channels.