Screenshot (4) - MS-DOS version of SquarezBozz Software was originally founded in 1994 as a University project and published a number of MS-DOS shareware programs for the PC market. These included:

  • 1994, Bozzball - Educational software for ages 3-8
  • 1994, Quote for the Day - Quotes from the rich and famous
  • 1994, Sounds the Same - Word based quiz game
  • 1995, Word Count - Word processing utility
  • 1995, Thingies - Fun novelty puzzle game
  • 1995, Squarez - Innovative and challenging puzzle game
  • 1996, A Few Choice Words - More quotes, quips and funnies
  • 1996, R)andom A)utomatic L)ottery P)rediction H) - UK national lottery number generator

After enjoying some successes, production stopped in 1997 when its founder (Dave Barton) entered the corporate world of IT.

Some time later, after far too many frustrating years working as an IT manager in Local Government, the self-employment dream was resurrected, albeit developing business software and doing website design.

More years later still, it is now time for Bozz Software to return...


Plans to re-release our back-catalogue are now underway for the mobile phone and tablet market, including Android and iOS devices.

If you would be interested in hearing when any of our software is due to be re-released or potentially being a beta tester, please let us know via our support page.

Dave Barton


Please note, all Bozz Software products past and present are protected by international copyright law. Any attempt to replicate them in whole or in part without the explicit permission of Bozz Software will be pursued through legal channels.

Software Piracy is THEFT